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Former journalist,
ex-theatre kid,
Cultural storyteller and strategist.
Creating meaningful, 
powerful work.


This is me

Howdy. I'm Jo. I'm a queer, gender-nonconforming strategist who enjoys writing, storytelling, learning, talking to + helping people. I grew up a theatre kid, turned to journalism for 3+ years, and became a brand strategist.

Nicknaming myself Jo after reading Little Women in the 1st grade was the catalyst of my gender expression. I value my perspective and lived experience as an androgynous lesbian, and seek out organizations and people who value that perspective. 

In my limited yet coveted spare time, I love exploring the local craft beer scene, rock climbing, biking, reading, and submitting love stories to the New York Times.

Content and Brand Strategy Writing
Category audits  Final Cut Pro X

Branding  Creative Briefs

Quantitative Research   Qualitative Research  Competitive analysis Client Briefings 

Deck Building + Presenting Culture analysis

Brand Essence Videos


I advise brands on the best course of action from a sociological lens.

Sociology deeply informs my work, not only from a theory sense, but also from a research basis. In a human society, deviation means death and trends point to safety. Advertising influences societies through storytelling and values-teaching. It appeals to our human instincts to look for safety and security.

Ask me about my experience in undergrad studying Sociology, specifically how race, gender, and sexuality interacts with access to space.

Additionally, my years as a journalist have given me great comfort in storytelling, worldbuilding, and interviewing. 

Let my experience and knowledge aid you and your work.

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