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My Work

This is a selection of my best work. I help brands find their unique position with their audience(s) by taking a sociology-informed approach to identify how they can best show up in a person's life.

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Qualitative research, competitor analysis, creative brief,  live client presentation

The Ask: Make the Walmart app the go-to digital destination.

Truth: Walmart is the world's largest retailer, with over 90% of the U.S. population living within 10 miles of a store.

Insight: Those who love Walmart (buyers) and those who hate Walmart (shoppers) know it has everything they need. But, the store is overwhelming to all.

Solution: Let the app aid shoppers in their journey.

Strategy: The go-to digital tool to living better. 

Why would this work?

  1. Breaks away from Walmart's outdated perception in consumers' minds

  2. Alleviate consumer hurdles by simplifying their purchase experience

  3. Mitigate brand polarity by offering a tool that can be used by all consumers, regardless of opinion

  4. Meets consumers in all parts of their day, including specific messaging relating to the Denver Broncos


Team- Patricia Rivera (CBM/ST), Eleni Alafoginis (AD), Kate Luse (CW), Travis Fairman (XD)



Social cause creative brief

The Ask: Find a social cause that needed a campaign to drum up interest, education, and activism. 

Truth: Commercial overfishing knows no bounds. It is a seasonless hunting industry. 

Insight: When given a hunting season, humans have a better understanding of the impact of a species on the global scale--as well as its absence.

Solution: Show consumers the impact of what commercial overfishing makes by taking over the largest stage of fishing: Shark Week.

Strategy: Dock the boat

Why would this work? 

  1. Fish reproduce rather quickly--if given the chance--and marine life could replenish itself if given time to do so.

  2. If we only cut fishing hours by 20%, the amount of fish we could source sustainably would increase by 70% by 2030.

  3. It's proven to be profitable: from 2014-2019, the U.S. saw that responsible management has resulted in steady, high landings and values of U.S. fisheries.

  4. This would be profitable for Discovery since the stunt of removing the stars of Shark Week would cause organic attention from viewers and press.


Dentist Tool

Dental support organization (DSO)
Digital Ethnography, qualitative and quantitative research, competitor and category audits

The ask: Help us better understand dentists' problems today.

Truth #1: Many dentists (5+ years) are dissatisfied with DSOs--they overstep their scope of practice and tell long-time tooth experts what to do in order to make a buck.

Truth #2: Dental students, however, see DSOs as a necessary stepping stone to enter into a practice and pay off student loans.

Opportunity: Be the best at helping dentists be as successful with the business as they are with their patients.

Strategy: Help dentists with their business, not their work.

Key takeaways & Opportunities:

  1. Be the best continuing education program for young dentists

  2. Focus on attracting private practice dentists who have a business-first approach

  3. Look for high production, but patient and employee retention should be top of mind 


Qualitative research, competitor and category audit, creative brief

The ask: Create a Super Bowl-level campaign with unlimited budget for a brand.

Truth: Buying a car on a lot sucks. Dealing with car salespeople is never fun.

Insight: Although the salespeople are banking on consumers not knowing anything, consumers are actually way more equipped than salespeople give them credit for.

Solution: Foster a space for consumers to feel confident in their knowledge without the salesperson.

Strategy: An air of confidence.

Why would this work?

  1. Appealing to the insight that consumers already know quite a bit about the car they are looking for

  2. A stunt scent like "Je Ne Sais Car" would spark organic media and press




Twisted Tea
Competitor analyses, category audit, creative executions

The Ask: Create a creative brief for a brand.

Truth: Twisted Tea has an unfavorable reputation amongst non-drinkers, and even among fans, it is not a positive connotation.

Insight: Few, if any, flavored malt beverages, have such a solid reputation, favorable or not.

Solution: Lean in to a new version of its reputation: the harlequin.

Strategy: The harlequin with two buzzes


Sidewalk, the walk-share app
Service designcategory audit, competitor analysis, interviews, empathy and user mapping

The Ask: Create a service that has not been invented or needs to be improved.

Truth #1: When you walk with more confidence, you are less likely to fall victim to an assault.

Insight: While there are many mobile safety apps, they are reactionary rather than preventative.

Strategy: Provide a preventative measure of safety by pairing walkers together

Why would this work? 

  1. Safety in numbers

  2. Reduces the likelihood of victimization by taking the attention away from your phone and to your destination, as well as your walking buddy

  3. Safety measures are in place throughout the entire process, from background checks and safety classes, to a mid-journey check-in, to befriending your walking partner for future walks.


Team- Ben Butler (ST), Maryn Tan (XD), Phuc (Patrick) Nguyen (XD)

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